Saturday, September 26, 2009

I always introduce my English Communication Skills Program with Pronouns. Pronouns replace nouns. They are I (saya), You (Awak), He (Dia (L), She (Dia (P), It (Ia (animal or thing), We (kita), You (kamu (plural), They (Mereka).

The verbs to be for present tense are:

I am
You are
He is
She is
It is
We are
You are
They are

The translation for verb to be am/are/is in Bahasa is ialah/adalah

I am a communication consultant.
Saya adalah seorang perunding komunikasi.

The verbs to be for past tense are:

I was
You were
He was
She was
It was
We were
You were
They were

The translation for verb to be was/were/in Bahasa is ialah/adalah

I was an engineer before.
Saya adalah seorang jurutera sebelum ini.

This is a book.
It is a motivational book.

Always remember every English sentence must have at least one verb.

Is/am/are/was/were are non-action verbs.
You cannot say "I a student", wrong, you must say "I am a student."

You cannot say "It a cat", wrong, you must say "It is a cat."

Now we go to 'verb conjugation" for each pronoun in present tense:

I talk
You Talk
He talks
She talks
It talks
We talk
You talk
They talk

Just observe for pronoun he, she and it you have to add s at the end of the verb.
You add es at the end of the word such as go and do.

The conjugation of the word do which acts as auxiliary verbs are as follows;

I do
You do
He does
She does
It does
We do
You do
They do

For auxiliary verb do means memang

He does understand the lesson
Dia memang faham pelajaran itu

After auxiliray verb do/does you use main verb (the base form), you cannot say "He doesn't understands the lesson" wrong, you say "He doesn't understand the lesson."
You cannot say "He does understands the lesson" you say "He does understand the lesson" or if you use do as the main verb you say "He understands the lesson."

You say "It does work" or "It works".

Now just observe all verbs (in bold letters)in the following passage:

Ali is a driver. He drives his taxi every day. He works from dawn to dusk. He doesn't work at night.

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